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Superb Services

Completely Customized Services for Maximum Peace of Mind

All of our pet care services are completely flexible and customized to your and your pet's needs. Long walk, short walk, or no walk? Done! Clean the litter box and feed Fluffy? Check! Need us to  water plants, bring in the mail, and pull in the trash bins from the curb? We've got that!

You choose what time frame, how long you'd like your visit to be, and what you would like your sitter to accomplish, and leave the rest to us! 

What We Offer

  • Completely customized care

  • Visits offered 365 days a year, upon availability

  • Last minute, holidays, and emergency visits

  • Meet all your sitters and know who is caring for your pets!

  • Convenient client app and portal for scheduling, secure payment, GPS tracking, and visit updates with pictures

  • Home security checks

  • Feedings, including proper raw food handling

  • Fresh water daily

  • Medication administration

  • Playtime and exercise

  • Continuation of basic training behaviors (loose leash walking, sit, wait, etc)

  • Top notch service

  • Lots of love and snuggles

  • Single daily care visits

  • Multiple daily care visits

  • Extended bedtime visits

  • Overnight care visits

  • Pet taxi service

  • House sitting services

  • Pet concierge services including food and supply pick up

  • Wedding & event services

  • Complimentary in-person and virtual consultations

Meet & Greet

Meet your sitters and show us your pet's routine!

Our meet & greet puts everyone at ease! From you knowing exactly who will be in your home caring for you pets, to your pets who will be more comfortable having already met their sitters, and for our sitters to be confident in your personalized expectations!

30 min: $25.00

Daily Care Visits

Day time visits designed around your pet's schedule. From walks, cuddles, to playtime and more! 

Available from breakfast to bed time, and any time in between.

10-15 min: $18.00 | 30 min: $25.00

45 min: $32.00 | 60 min: $40.00

90 min: $55


Puppy Care Visits

Visits tailored around your new puppy's routine to prevent accidents, establish good habits, and continue puppy training basics. 

8 - 16 weeks of age:

20 min: $20.00

*2 visit minimum when gone >8 hours

4+ months

30 min: $25.00 | 45 min: $32.00

Pet Taxi Service

Stuck at work and need to get your pup to or from the groomer? Does your flight get in later than the local boarding facility closes?  Can't miss that vet appointment?

We will happily transport your pup or kitty for you! 

$15.00 each way up to 8 miles

($0.75/mile thereafter)


Extended Evening Visits

Long, two-hour evening visits that allow for adequate time for walking, feeding, playtime, and snuggles! Great for those independent pets who do not necessarily need a person overnight.

2 hours: $80

Morning Visit Upgrades*

15 min: $14.40 |30 min: $20.00

45 min: $25.60 | 60 min: $32.00

*20% savings

Overnight Care Visits

Sleepovers in your home to ensure your pet is safe, comfortable, and well-snuggled! Includes feeding, most medicating, ample walks, and household tasks such as mail, watering plants, etc.

Limited availability

$125.00 - $199.00

Midday Visit Upgrades*

15 min: $15.30 | 30 min: $21.25

45 min: $27.20 | 60 min: $34.00

*15% savings

Homebase Care

The ultimate live-in pet care experience! Your sitters will be in your home caring for your pets for a minimum of 18 hours daily, making your house really our house!


 This service includes a 12-hour overnight, plus six hours throughout the day depending on scheduling needs. 

Limited Availability

$350 - 425 per 24 hour period

Cute Happy Dog

Wedding & Event Services

It's your big day, and you want nothing more than to have your furry family members to join you! We will pick your pet up, freshen them up, make sure they are pottied, bring them to your location, and transport them home afterward. We remain on site to ensure everything goes smoothly with your pet.

Starting at $100/hour, 3 hour minimum

Plus $0.75 per mile round trip

Pet Concierge Services

Low on dog food and don't have the time to run to the store before you head our on vacation? Need your cat's prescription picked up from the vet? We're here to help!

Starting at $15

Plus $0.75 per mile from location to home


Additional Premiums

Our sitters work hard and often sacrifice personal time to ensure our clients' pets are well cared for. As such, we do add specific premiums for your sitter's time and consideration.


For any service performed on the following holidays:

New Year's Eve & Day

Easter Weekend

Independence Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

Thanksgiving Weekend

Christmas Day & Eve

25% premium added to service cost, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays at a 35% premium

Payment Policy: 100% payment due within 3 days of booking over a holiday.

Cancellation Policy: bookings cancelled more than 14 days from service start date do not incur any penalty; bookings more than 7 days but less than 14 days prior to start of services incur 50% fee;  bookings cancelled within 7 days of service start date are nonrefundable

Early Mornings/Late Nights

Any service other than overnight care visits performed between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM 

Per Visit: $5-10

3+ Dogs

For a single walk. No fee for backyard playtime visits or multiple walks in a single visit.

Per Additional Dog Per Visit: $5

Last Minute Bookings

For any service booked same day

Per Visit: $5

Cancellations & Changes

For service cancellations and changes

>24 Hours from Visit Time: No Fee

23-7 Hours from Visit Time: 50% of cost

<6 Hours from Visit Time: 100%

Easy Scheduling Blocks

We offer two easy ways to book your visits: flexible multi-hour windows and specific hour blocks.

Time Blocks

Flexible Scheduling Blocks

7 AM - 9 AM  (Morning)

9 AM - 11 AM (Late Morning)

11 AM - 2 PM  (Mid-day)

2 PM - 5 PM (Afternoon)

5 PM - 7 PM (Evening)

7 PM - 9 PM (Night)

7 AM - 9 PM (Anytime, for cats)

Guaranteed Hourly Blocks

Hourly from 6 AM - 11 PM.

Priority visits start within the hour block requested. 

$5 premium added to each service

Cat in Basket

"WOW!!! We went out of town for over a week and loved receiving daily updates (with pictures!) on how our cats were doing. We even have sort of complicated feeding requests, like supplements and medications, which were administered with no problems at all. I also felt relieved to know we had someone stopping by our house daily to check in while we were across the country, plus the online client portal is very easy to use for scheduling, payments, and communicating."

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