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We  Use Employees

Not Independent Contractors

Here's Why:


Our sitters are extensively trained for a minimum of three months in order to handle any situation that comes their way. We use a training manual, and all sitters are trained in pet CPR, first aid care, and emergency protocols.


Our sitters are taught safety protocols, and are protected under our worker's comp policy, leaving you with the peace of mind that you won't have to foot the bill if a sitter is ever hurt while caring for your pet.



Our sitters are heavily background checked, bonded & insured through us. They uphold the highest standards of security and discretion to ensure your home and pets are secure while you are away.

We take care of our employees -from fair wages to benefits- because we believe happy employees are simply better for our clients! 

Having employees in a pet sitting company is also very valuable for our clients - if your primary sitter is booked or enjoying some much needed vacation time, there is no need to seek an outside company - we have an alternate who is ready to pick up the torch and deliver the same top-notch care you have come to expect.

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