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Puppy Care Visits

New puppies are wonderful, and a ton of work! We're here to help!

Congratulations on your new member of the family! 

Puppies are adorable little mischief makers, and we are able to help you get through puppyhood together! We are here to help you get your puppy on track for a happy, healthy life!

We are happy to assist with your positive reinforcement trainer's recommended socialization and basic training skills (sit, down, come, loose leash walking) during our visits! Please note, we don't actually train your puppy, bur rather reinforce the skills your trainer is teaching. 

Our puppy care visits are each twenty or thirty minutes in length, and spaced out based on your puppy's age as described below:

8 weeks (2 months) every 2 – 3 hours

12 weeks (3 months) every 3 – 4 hours

16 weeks (4 months) every 4 – 5 hours

20 weeks (5 months) every 5 – 6 hours

24 weeks (6 months) every 6 – 7 hours

28 weeks (7 months) every 8 hours minimum

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